Established in 2000

Business SMS specialists

We are a specialist global SMS text messaging provider. We form a vital link between mobile networks and businesses who want to communicate via text message. We’re based in Manchester’s Northern Quarter – one of the UK’s leading digital technology hubs.

Textburst is our online text messaging tool for businesses. We made it easy for you to sign up and send messages quickly – one at a time or in bulk. No fuss. Manage contacts and groups, set up templates for quick communication when time really matters, receive replies and create opt-in lists with text-to-join keywords.

Clockwork is our SMS API for sending text messages via your own or third party apps. It’s a straightforward API that’s compatible with a variety of popular developer languages. We have ready-made integrations with several platforms that cover a wide range of needs.

SurveyMill is our SMS surveys online tool for creating and running surveys via text message. It’s used for patient and customer feedback, market research, employee surveys and more. Send multiple questions to opted-in audiences and see results in real-time charts or export for further analysis.

SMS for healthcare

Our SMS for healthcare apps, Florence and Florence Light have so far supported more than 60,000 NHS patients in the UK with a wide variety of conditions. Working with sensitive personal health data means all our systems are solid and secure. Everyone in the team receives regular Information Governance training.

Florence is our SMS messaging app for large health organisations such as CCGs. Clinicians can set up custom-designed ‘protocols’ to send texts to patients and automatically respond to their replies. It can help patients better deal with changes in their conditions and provides useful trend data for patient-led observations such as blood pressure.

Florence Light is similar to Florence, but aimed at smaller heath organisations such as GPs with pay-as-you-go pricing. Clinicians can quickly add patients and select pre-defined ‘plans’ from a list of the most commonly supported conditions. ‘Flo’ sends and receives text messages with the patient, gathering readings such as blood pressure, glucose levels and heart rate and supports them with timely and helpful responses.


Safe and reliable technology

We choose our technology very carefully, ensuring that it’s fast, reliable and secure. Our servers are kept in state-of-the-art data centres connected by an MPLS network. Each site provides us with at least 99.9% uptime and plenty of capacity for all of our SMS traffic. We use:

  • Secure, UK-based data centres
  • Cisco firewalls
  • SSL certificates with extended validation
  • VPN connections (available upon request)

There’s no safer or more reliable provider to process your text messages.


Dedicated team

Our team is by far our most valued asset. We’re made up of left and right brains, intellectuals and perfectionists, the caring and the helpful. We all work hard to ensure you get what you need, when you need it.

Support: Our account managers and support team sit on the front line, helping customers solve problems and make the most of our text messaging services.

Tech: Behind the scenes, our developers and software engineers work to keep the servers running, monitoring throughput, network connections, speed and availability.

Design: Our designers and usability experts are constantly listening-to and assessing user feedback while collaborating with the team to help make our products and services the very best for speed and ease of use.

Made in Manchester

Made in Manchester

We’re proud to be based in the UK’s industrial heartland, with a history steeped in innovation and development – from the world’s first steam passenger railway and industrial canal, to the birthplace of the modern computer.

Manchester is the home of a legendary music scene, The Hacienda, Factory Records, the BBC, Coronation Street, and Boddingtons Brewery. These icons have helped make the city a major centre for creative and technological industries.

Our warehouse loft offices in the city centre’s renowned Northern Quarter are surrounded by many other creative and digital businesses. It’s an environment that can’t help but stimulate innovation and we love it.

Strength in numbers

Our parent company, Commify, is a global communication specialist. Our sister companies offer complimentary SMS products, patient communication tools and global product recall services.

Our size and strength as a group enable us to offer some of the best SMS rates you’ll find, while guaranteeing excellent service reliability and support.

Trusted by brands

  • Adecco
  • Kellogg's
  • Morrisons
  • Next
  • Tesco
  • Yodel
  • Northern Power Grid