3, 2, 1... Action!

Over the last few years we’ve had some amazingly talented people join the Mediaburst Team. Since we had our last ‘photo shoot’ several years ago we decided to go for it again. Not only does it mean we can update our photo’s on the webite to include new team members, we also wanted you guys to know exactly who you’re talking to and who’s helping you to send your text messages on a daily basis.

We hired a great photographer, James Lloyd who came recommended as someone who could capture us in our very best light! The photo’s were taken around the Northern Quarter in Manchester which is where our cool, loft-like office is based (come pop in if you’re close by!) The Northern Quarter has so much character and is bustling with great little coffee shops and diners so we wanted to capture a bit of that in our photos.

So, here we are…

That’s the whole team!

Now you know us all, get in touch and we’d be more than happy to help you with any questions you have or to help you to decide which of our 4 brilliant SMS products will work for your needs!