8 Text Campaign Ideas for Black Friday

Black Friday takes place on the 24th November, which is just 4 days away. We’d like to share 8 text campaign ideas for you to increase sales, build your marketing database and to increase customer satisfaction this Black Friday.

Use keywords to offer Black Friday savings

Ask your customers to text into a keyword to claim a special Black Friday saving. The benefit of using keywords to offer your promotion is it allows you to collect the mobile numbers who request your promotion to use for marketing purposes in the future.

Create your free keyword with Textburst and advertise this across your website, social media and instore.

For example, a clothing shop could set up the keyword ‘MEN’ and advertise:

Text MEN to claim your code for 20% off menswear.

When a customer texts in to claim the current deal they’ll be sent an automatic response which you can set yourself and they will be added into a group in your Textburst account.

The brilliant thing about using specific keywords is, next time you have a deal relating to this group of people, for example a new men’s jeans range, you can easily send a broadcast to this engaged group of people.

Offer a free gift with each purchase

Send a free gift or a special promotion to all customers who make an online or instore purchase on Black Friday. Collect mobile numbers at purchase and send a text to let your customers know how to claim their gift or discount code.

These campaigns can increase initial sales, future sales and help to build your marketing lists.

Reward loyal customers

68% of people would like to receive offers to their mobile, so it’s a great way to distribute offers to those on your database. Offer something a little bit special for your loyal customers, the ones who stick by you and shop regularly. You could send to all of your recent purchasers or you could even use our link tracking feature to reward those who are most engaged by your text messages.

Hi Lauren, we noticed you clicked on our link! Here’s a code for an extra £5 whatever you spend today [Insert code]. Enjoy!

Reawaken dormant accounts

Loyal customers are important but so are those who haven’t spent for a while. Why haven’t they been back? Where are they spending their money now?

Contact all of your customers who haven’t spent in a while and try offering them something new and exciting. They might just be waiting for the right deal!

Offer free shipping

Reward customers who have signed up to your SMS updates by offering them free shipping on all Black Friday deals.

If people want in on the fun they’ll need to hand over their mobile number, too!

Social media #Giveaways

Giveaways work like magic for gaining followers and increasing brand awareness on social media.

New leads are brilliant but it’s also really important to encourage your customers to follow you on social media. Gaining customers as followers helps to build your relationships, increase loyalty and it also keeps them in loop with any updates or new features or products you’re offering. So, send them a text with a link to the competition.

Hey, we’re running a competition for a chance to win an Amazon Echo on our Twitter this month. We didn’t want you to miss out, so here’s the link to enter: LINK. Good luck!

(PS, we actually are running this competition right now, so don’t forget to click on the link above to enter!)

Send customer updates

Whether it’s an update letting customers know you’re opening an hour later, that delivery may take a little longer in November and December or you’re holding a massive sale for the entire weekend, send it by SMS!

The average person checks their mobile phone 150 times a day and 98% of text messages are read on average within 5 seconds, so SMS is the best way to communicate time sensitive messages.

Post Black-Friday Surveys

After the rush, it’s a good idea to find out how people found their shopping experience with you. We’ve written 3 SMS survey ideas for this Black Friday you can use for inspiration.

Good luck this Black Friday, and tweet us with any competitions you’re running – we’ll always have a go at entering!