Hack Manchester Junior 2017

Mediaburst are sponsoring Hack Manchester Junior 2017 and we couldn’t be more excited about it!

We love seeing the teams integrating text messaging into their app’s using our simple SMS API and it’s always such a tough decision choosing the winner.

The junior challenge

Last year our challenge was “Use SMS to combat evil” and you really did. The winning team, Team Bazinga ticked all of the boxes with their ‘Bully Button’ created to combat evil bullies.

This year our challenge is inspired by one of our other SMS app’s, Florence, which is created for and used extensively by the NHS. So, here goes…

We made an award-winning and accessible SMS-based healthcare app called Florence. Your challenge is to use texting to help put a smile on the faces of ill or disabled children.

Our technical whizz, Andy will be judging all of your creations and picking a winner.

Prizes, and free merch

Now for the important part. The winning team will each win a Sky Diving experience at iFly!

We’re looking forward to seeing you all there (or at the Senior Hack). Look out for all of our exciting merchandise and if you get your hands on a t-shirt, send us a picture to @Mediaburst.

Happy hacking!