Mediaburst migration - Frequently Asked Questions

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As you may be aware from our previous communications, we are merging Mediaburst, home of Clockwork, SurveyMill and Textburst, with our sister brand TextAnywhere.

As well as merging our brand, we are also upgrading customers to a new platform. To see a demo of the new platform, simply view our short video below:

We understand that customers may still have some queries relating to these changes, so below is a list of some frequently asked questions. We hope you’ll be as excited as us about this upgrade!

When will I be upgraded?

We will be upgrading customers in groups starting in late October, you will receive an email to let you know when this will be happening nearer the time. So for the meantime you don’t need to do anything.

Will I be able to login using the same login credentials?

Yes your previous login credentials will still work. Simply login as normal and you will be redirected to the new platform.

Will the prices remain the same?

Yes, all current pricing will remain the same. For any future purchases of subscriptions however, our pricing will change – please see the shop in the new platform, or contact your account manager for more information.

What happens if I have scheduled messages, will they still be sent after I have been upgraded to the new platform?

Yes, scheduled messages will continue to send even if you are migrated to the new platform before they are due. But there will be a change in how these are charged. On our new platform pre pay customers will be charged from schedule and not send, but postpay customers will be billed on send. So at the time of migration you will see a charge on your invoice or notification of credits taken.

Will the invoicing change?

The invoices will remain the same, but the logo will be different. If you are a postpay customer you may receive two invoices on the month you are upgraded, one from your original platform and one from the new platform. It’s nothing to worry about it will simply separate into two time periods.

How will this change impact my API integration?

All APIs will continue to work and there will be no disruption to your service. On the new platform we have tried to maintain all APIs and parameters that you currently have. The only change on the platform is how the “Message Validation Defaults” are set. In the new platform you will not set these as defaults on your account, but we have maintained your current settings in the legacy platform to the new.

If you want to change this in the future for maximum message and long content, you can do this through the parameter, please see documentation for further details

Couldn’t find the answer you were looking for? Please visit the FAQ section of our new support site for a full list of our frequently asked questions regarding the brand change and platform upgrade. Similarly, if you wish to speak to a member of the team, please message us at or 0161 359 3100.