What's available on the new Mediaburst / TextAnywhere platform?

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From October 2020, and continuing through November and December, we’ll be upgrading Mediaburst customers to the new Mediaburst / TextAnywhere platform.

If you’re an API user, it’s important to note that you won’t need to change anything; similarly, if you login to our platform, your login details will remain the same.

But there will be a whole bunch of new features and an improved user experience - and here’s what you can expect:

Longer messages API and Platform Send messages containing up to 1000 characters (increased from 459) as a Long Message.

Periodic / recurrent scheduling Platform Messages can now be scheduled for delivery on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. Perfect for sending reminders about birthdays, MOTs, renewals, and other regular events.

Improved options for inbound messages Platform Multiple actions can be applied to incoming messages. You can send an automatic reply, add the number to a group, and forward the messages to an email address, with the option to configure a different sequence of actions based on the content of the incoming message.

Sub-accounts Platform You can now create accounts that are linked together for billing and administration purposes, but are otherwise separate, ensuring that the marketing team can only see the marketing campaign messages, and the finance team can only see the payment reminders.

Export messages / campaigns Platform Sent and received messages can now be exported to XLSX format as well as CSV. New options to search by date range and recipient can also be used to optimise the export results.

Manage personal blocklist Platform Users can have their own personal block list and manage this independently of the other users of the account.

SMS (REST) API API We have added a brand-new SMS API providing a powerful interface to send and receive messages. The API conforms to REST principles to provide a simple, lightweight web service built on established standards to reduce the need for special toolkits, and will be the focus of our future API development and enhancement.

Contact & Contact Group management APIs API Integrate our Contact & Contact Group management API to manage your contacts and groups for your campaigns.

Blocklist management APIs API Integrate our Blocklist management API to manage your blocked and opted-out numbers.

SMS history API See your SMS history in your dashboard, and filter and export the results to XLSX or CSV, as well as receive SMS Delivery Receipts via the APIs.

We’re really proud of the new platform, and we’re confident you’ll find it easier to use and more feature rich - and we will have more new features and upgrades to share with you over the next few months, too!

How will I get access to the new platform and features?

We will be upgrading customers in groups, making sure that we can support each customer. You will receive an email giving you a date range during which your existing customers and message history will be moved to the new platform, and you will be redirected to the new platform when you login.

There will be a new support site and updated API documentation, along with video tutorials to help familiarise you with the new features. Our support team is on hand to help you with any questions, and we’ll also be posting more blogs with FAQs, and hosting live webinars throughout October, November and December.

Where can I get more information?

Our previous blog post explains more about why we’re merging with our sister company, TextAnywhere, and we will be following up with regular updates via our website, social media and email. You can also contact your account manager with any specific questions - we’re here to help.