Our Hack Manchester 2017 Winners

Mediaburst have sponsored Hack Manchester for five years but it’s the first time Jo, Ellie and I have come along to judge and we’re so glad we did – it was such a great weekend!

The passion, creativity and effort that went into every app created was really impressive.

Our Challenge

“We made an award-winning and accessible SMS-based primary and secondary healthcare app called Florence. Your challenge is to use SMS to help save lives.”

We’d like to say a massive thank you to every team who entered our challenge. You all worked so hard and created an app which used our SMS API really well and could be used to help save lives.

Check out our entrants who just missed out on the top spot! Click on the links below to view their video’s, they’re brilliant.

In no particular order…

Clockwork Entries

#PoiZon with ‘Poizon app’

Menopaws with ‘Menopaws’

The Lowbar

Fools Code with ‘Clockwork Proxy’

We’re thirsty too with ‘ProTec100’

Team Death with ‘DEATHNOTEZ’


Our runners-up, their videos and why we loved them so much…

Team Makers with ‘TouchBase’

Team Makers took full advantage of our SMS API by using inbound and outbound SMS and also used our keyword to add time onto their users ETA’s. They worked so well together as a team making their app look great, work flawlessly and it would definitely help save the life of a vulnerable person walking home alone by tracking their location and alerting friends and family if they haven’t arrived home when expected.


SOSMS created an amazing, very current app between the two of them. The app also used our SMS API brilliantly and meant a user could trigger a pre-written text message by double clicking on the volume button – very clever! The design of the app was great and would be perfect for family and friends to know, if they were needed in a difficult situation they could be contacted very easily and discreetly.


Bat Man with ‘On Way Home’

Our winner, BatMan seemed to do the impossible within 25 hours. He solely built an app to track a user’s journey home and automatically text updates to a pre-chosen number. This app would reduce the need for the user to use their phone while driving, resulting in fewer lives being at risk by dangerous driving caused by texting or calling.

We were so impressed by all of the incredible ideas and creations this year. The standard was so high.

Well done everyone! Hope you’ve all caught up on your sleep and that you’re already looking forward to Hack Manchester 2018.

We’ll hopefully see you all again next year.


Mediaburst / The creators of ClockworkSMS 🐝