Top 5 mistakes people make when sending SMS marketing

We’re always giving you tips on how to write the most successful marketing messages but how about the things you should avoid?

Here are the top 5 mistakes we’ve seen in the SMS marketing world.

1. Sending at awkward times

Sending your message at an irrelevant time to the product or service you’re advertising is a waste of your time and marketing spend and can even be irritating for the customer. You need to ensure your customer will see the text and take action before it’s forgotten. Customers aren’t wanting a free glass of wine at 10am or thinking about booking their holiday two days before Christmas. Plus, no one wants to be woken up by a marketing message at 2am.

Make sure you take advantage of our scheduling feature on Textburst and schedule for your text messages to be sent at a set time. This means you don’t have to be on hold waiting to click the ‘send’ button and it’ll hit your customer’s handset at the perfect time.

2. Using TXT SPK

You’ve got 160 characters to play with but don’t be tempted to save space by using text speak. You can save space by including a shortened link to a blog or webpage to give customers extra information or you can concatenate up to three text messages to give you more room if needed. If you do include a link you can expect around a 20% click through rate compared with a 4.2% rate through email.

3. Sending too often

Don’t bombard your customers with too many messages. Although 75% of people want to receive offers by SMS, over 80% of people would only like to receive a maximum of two marketing messages per month. This is all about quality, not quantity.

4. Sending irrelevant messages

Create separate groups of contacts to ensure you’re always sending relevant deals and information to the correct demographics. Your new kids clothing range should only be sent to those who have either shown interest in or have bought from your children’s range previously. Equally, you might want to send different marketing messages to all your clients who are looking to rent to those who are looking to buy. Sending all marketing messages to all customers will start to get annoying and they will realise you’re not tailoring what you’re sending to them so they’re more likely to opt out. Textburst groups make separating and sending to different contacts quick and easy.

5. Not allowing opt outs

Even the most brilliant marketing messages won’t be welcomed by all customers and that’s OK. Let your customers opt out effortlessly to make sure you stay in their good books and also to be sure you’re only sending to customers who want to hear from you. Textburst offers a free opt out blacklisting feature. You can use it by simply ticking the ‘Opt Out’ box before you click send. Any customer who texts STOP to 84433 will then be added to your ‘Blacklist’ and will no longer receive your messages. Try to avoid these 5 top mistakes and make the most out of your SMS marketing budget and customer data lists.

For more on how you should send, check out our SMS Guides and download your industry or product guide.