Use Text Messages To Increase Sales This Black Friday

Black Friday is the beginning of the rush for Christmas. Presents, vouchers and cards are being bought by the second. This year, Christmas shoppers are expected to spend more money on Black Friday and less in the January sales.

Create sales and hit your targets by using text messages and following these pieces of advice from our Marketing Experts!

Create urgency

This time of year is busy for everyone. Create urgency in your texts to ensure your consumers click straight to store to make a purchase.

Run one-day sales or highlight popular products which are low in stock to speed up the sales process.

Keep it simple

Remember, your customers are getting lots of marketing messages at this time of year so keep it snappy. You only have 160 characters which helps, so keep to the point.

“Mediaburst are running a massive Black Friday sale on text messages. Get your texts for half the price until midnight tonight. Click on the link and purchase £50 to qualify for the deal”

Reads much clearer as…

“50% off texts today only. Purchase £50 to claim deal”

Reward loyalty

Offer something a little bit special for your loyal customers, the ones who stick by you and shop regularly. You could even use our link tracking feature to reward those who are most engaged by your text messages.

“Hi Lauren, we noticed you clicked on our link! Here’s a code for an extra £5 whatever you spend today (code). Enjoy!”

Contact inactive customers

Loyal customers are important but so are those who haven’t spent for a while. Why haven’t they been back? Where are they spending their money now?

Contact all of your customers who haven’t spent in a while and try offering them something new and exciting. They might just be waiting for the right deal!


78% of consumers believe companies sending personalised communication are interested in building good relationships and 61% of consumers are more likely to use these companies.

Take advantage of Textburst’s merge feature and personalise your text messages to increase customer satisfaction and the likelihood of them spending money with you, in store or online.

Be heard

This is a busy time for marketing so you need to be heard. Send more deals in the run up to Black Friday and the Christmas period. Don’t lose your customers to the competition.

Segment users

Your customers all have different needs and interests, so sending a blanket text to everyone just isn’t going to cut the mustard.

Segment your customers into groups by recognising trends in their buying habits. Do this manually or let your customers do it for you. Create groups by asking your customers to text into a shortcode using a particular keyword.

For example, set up the keyword MEN and advertise:

“Text MEN for 20% off menswear”.

When a customer texts in to claim the current deal, Textburst will send them an automatic response which you can set yourself and will add them into a group.

Next time you have a deal on men’s jeans or a new range has landed you can easily send a broadcast to this engaged group of people.

Allow Opt Outs

Always allow opt outs to ensure you’re only sending to customers who want to hear from you. Textburst offers a free opt out option and to activate you just have to click this option as you’re typing your message. When a customer texts STOP to 84433, they will be added to your blacklist. This means you’re only sending to those who want to hear from you.

We wish you the best of luck in your Black Friday and Christmas campaigns!

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