Florence Light SMS Telehealth

Florence Light is SMS Telehealth that helps patients manage a range of common conditions with an interactive text messaging service. Clinicians such as GPs can quickly start a patient on a pre-configured plan, with simple pricing and no long term contract. It’s ideal for smaller clinical teams looking for a flexible telehealth solution to improve patient outcomes. Larger CCGs looking for a fully customisable service might consider the original Florence app as an alternative.

Meet Flo

Florence Light screenshot
This isn’t just simple appointment reminders. This is about involving patients in their own care, avoiding appointments in the first place and directly improving their lives.

Dave Sanzeri, Head of Commissioning at North Staffordshire Clinical Commissioning Group and Stoke-on-Trent Clinical Commissioning Group

  • For individual teams in primary care such as general practices
  • The most commonly used patient plans for a range of conditions
  • Ready made plans with simple customisable options
  • Collect patient readings
  • View reading on charts
  • Easy reporting
  • Online sign up
  • Pay per plan
  • No long term contract


Florence Light SMS Telehealth overview pdf

Download the Florence Light SMS Telehealth overview for more details about the product.

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Florence Light SMS Telehealth product guide pdf

Download the Florence Product Guide for more details and technical information about the product.

SMS Florence Light product guide cover