Choosing SMS Software

We advertise 4 key products here at Mediaburst:

  • Textburst – Easy to use, bulk SMS marketing
  • Clockwork – SMS API for developers
  • SurveyMill – Simple to use SMS survey web app
  • Florence – Telehealth text messaging app used by the NHS.

All of the solutions we offer allow you to send text messages. In this blog we’d like to tell you what the difference is between all 4 products and help you decide which one is the application for you.


Textburst is an easy-to-use platform which can be accessed on any device connected to the internet. It’s like Hotmail or Google Mail but instead of sending emails, it sends text messages.

As an internet based application it can provide more functionality and allow you to take full control over your text message campaign.

It’s ideal for bulk SMS marketing because you can upload and manage multiple and large groups of contacts. That means by segregating your database by interest, age or gender you can now target and tailor SMS messages specifically to a certain group.

You can merge information into each text message so you can personalise it to the individual recipient. This is great if you want to increase response rates or make the customer feel like they are receiving a personal message from you.

Textburst allows you to shorten and track URL links within your text messages and creates a report showing how many links have been clicked and by who.

The other key difference with Textburst is the ability to schedule your SMS sends. This means you can develop a marketing message and send it out at a time where it will have the most impact. Customers receive and read messages instantly so timing your message to perfection will yield much better results.

You can purchase Textburst long numbers to receive replies and you can create free keywords on our shared shortcode. Anyone who texts your keyword into the shared shortcode will be added to a Textburst group and will receive an automated reply which you can set within your account.

Textburst also offers a free OPT OUT option. If any of your customer’s text STOP to 84433 they’ll be added to your blacklist and no further texts will be sent to them.

Textburst is also ideal for keeping in touch with staff, and in particular for business continuity. The reality of a business continuity situation is you’re not going to be able to get into the office. With Textburst being internet based you don’t need to, it can be accessed from any internet enabled PC, be it at home, an internet cafe or from a Smartphone.


Clockwork is an SMS API; which stands for Application Protocol Interface. If you’re a developer or have a developer at your company, our product Clockwork is available to help you integrate SMS into your company website or internal system.

Clockwork offers a variety of languages, wrappers and plugins to use depending on your needs.

Clockwork can send via HTTP or XML and we have wrappers for PHP, C#, VB.NET, Java, Python and Node.js. All wrappers can be found on Clockwork’s documentation page.

You can set your “From field” to your company name so your customers or staff know exactly who is texting them. Alternatively, you can receive replies through Clockwork by either purchasing a Clockwork long number and sending from this number or by creating free keywords on our shared shortcode. You can receive these replies either by HTTP or by Email forwarding.

Clockwork lets you set up delivery receipts which tell you when messages have been delivered to the network and to the handset.

Clockwork allows developers to integrate their system or website with our platform to trigger texts to be sent automatically when actions are made such as customers signing up or making an order, when a delivery is on its way or when the company publish a new blog.


SurveyMill is our simple to use SMS survey application. It allows you to create surveys with up to five questions. You can send surveys to individual contacts or you can upload large groups of contacts from Excel.

SurveyMill also has an API so you can integrate it into your own apps, to send surveys automatically.

You will be asked to assign a question type to each question. This allows SurveyMill to create some great reports for you.

You can view trends and patterns in your results page within SurveyMill with our clever graphs and diagrams. You can also download an Excel sheet with all of the data collected.


Florence is our Telehealth app used by the NHS. It brings Telehealth to any patient with a standard mobile phone. It’s used by Clinicians to collect patient readings, manage health conditions and send medication and appointment readings via text message. It’s currently being used to manage conditions such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Depression, as well as many more.


Although our applications are all based around sending text messages, they are all very different. Each product can all help you reach different goals within your business, whether it be marketing, business continuity, updates, reminders or collecting feedback from customers.

As always, if you have any questions or would like to discuss which service is best for you, please get in touch.