Clockwork is our easy text message API. It lets you send and receive text messages automatically via your own apps. Your developers can easily integrate SMS into your in-house software using any language or interface.

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Send SMS online

Textburst is accessible via a web interface. It’s quick to setup and is generally used by many organisations who don’t otherwise have in-house software with the capability to send or receive texts.

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SMS Surveys

SurveyMill is a text survey application. Send SMS surveys to individuals, to groups uploaded from Excel or automatically by using our API. View an in depth analysis of your responses in the results page or download these into a CSV file.

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Award-winning telehealth app

Florence is a Telehealth application and texting service for CCGs which enables patients to text in their vital statistics using their own mobile phone. It is used as a tool to help clinicians develop innovative and practical ways to help patients manage their own healthcare.

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SMS telehealth for smaller clinical teams

Florence Light is SMS Telehealth for smaller clinical teams, that helps patients manage a range of common conditions with an interactive text messaging service. Clinicians such as GPs can quickly start a patient on a pre-configured plan, with simple pricing and no long term contract. It’s ideal for clinical teams looking for a flexible telehealth solution to improve patient outcomes.

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