Sending to the USA and Canada: Do's and Don'ts

When sending marketing messages to the USA and Canada there are a few guidelines the network’s ask businesses to stick to. Follow these 4 simple rules to ensure your messages are delivered successfully.

1. Messages should only be sent to recipients who have opted in

Your recipients can opt in to your messages in many ways, including by texting a keyword, completing a web form, by agreeing to your terms or by paper form.

When a recipient opts in, you must send them a text message confirming the sender, message type, message frequency, that message and data rates may apply and your STOP and HELP instructions.

“Welcome to ALERTS, Information and offers, 5 messages per month, Message and Data rates may apply. Text STOP to stop, HELP for info”

2. Recipients must be able to Opt Out

You must let recipients opt out of receiving your messages. They can do this by texting STOP, END or QUIT.

When a customer opts out of receiving messages, you must send them a confirmation.

“Your STOP message has been received and you will no longer receive ALERTS”

3. Recipients must be able to ask for more information

Recipients must be able to receive more information by texting HELP or INFO to the keyword.

When recipients reply asking for more information, you must offer different avenues in which they can receive the extra information.

“ALERTS, Go to or call 0161 359 3100. Message and Data rates may apply. Send STOP to stop”

4. All messages must come from a USA shortcode

Don’t worry about this one, we’ve got you covered. Any text messages you send to the USA or Canada will come from our shared shortcodes below.

USA shortcode: 43704

Canada shortcode: 898898

Keep in mind, because of this you won’t be able to receive replies from your customers, other than the STOP and HELP replies listed above.

Want to receive replies?

You can either quote another number within your text message for your recipients to contact you on or we have dedicated shortcodes available to purchase.

We also have a brilliant new rate available for sending to the USA, so get in touch and we can chat to you about your options, pricing and more.